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I’m just not good at relationships. I don’t even know if I know how to love a man or worse yet, how to be loved by one. I made the decision a long time ago that I was just better off alone. Even when I was with my ex, I was alone. That’s all I know. No one has ever really understood me, or maybe I just never let anyone in? That is until, I met Kris August, actor, musician, and well-known playboy. Kris made me feel alive for the first time ever. I knew he was bad for me, but something about him felt so right. –Amber

Be Still My Heart, is a fun and steamy adult tale of two lost souls who find a love like neither of them have ever experienced before.

Amber Johnson finds herself divorced from a horrible marriage and an empty nester in the same year. Leery of love, she is content with being alone. Her work as a journalist brings her on tour with her favorite band from her childhood, where she reluctantly falls in love with playboy-musician and actor Kris August. Amber quickly realizes that a relationship with someone famous brings a series of challenges, and a dark turn of events threatens to tear them apart. Will love win?

Book one in the “Be Still” series.

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Be Still My Love

Coming in 2019!

Book 2 in the Be Still series.  Synopsis coming soon!